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Chris Forsberg Club Loose Missile Train POV  Chris Forsberg RacingChris Forsber_2013-09-05_20-46-13

[VIDEO] – Helmet Cam during missile car trains at Club Loose this past weekend. Check it out!!!

Check out this GoPro ride along video that I made during Formula Drift Road Atlanta.

Here is a look back at our 3rd Place finish at Formula Drift Long Beach where we drove to a 3rd Place finish!

A funny comparison of my NOS Energy Drink Hankook USA Nissan 370Z and 240SX out on the main track at Summit Point this past weekend! Needed more wheelspeed, was hitting the rev limiter in top gear!


I just opened up my October issue of Modified Magazine and found my M56 spread out across 2 pages! This car is probably my favorite build that I have done and this feature has many detailed photos of my 4 seater joyride machine so grab yourself a copy! I won’t say too much as Nate breaks it down pretty well in his writeup…

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