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CFR Does It Again at Formula Drift Round 4: New Jersey

Formula Drift has wrapped up their fourth event of the 2012 season with CFR standing atop the podium for the 2nd consecutive event. Wall Speedway is known to be the most technical and dangerous track on the Formula Drift circuit with its incredibly steep banks and unforgiving transitions.

Friday turned out to be a very challenging qualifying session as a rain storm came through and soaked the track half way through the first round of drivers. Forsberg ran without time to adjust the car for the wet conditions and as a result was on the bubble after the first pass in his NOS Energy Drink Nissan 370Z on Hankook Tires. Heading into his second qualifying pass the track conditions began to dry up and Forsberg did not let the pressure get to him, he went out and laid down a 90 point run!

Saturday was a day of unprecedented battles as Forsberg faced off with the fastest cars on grid and the most skilled drivers on the circuit. In Top 32, Chris beat Danny George in his V8 Miata. From there on, the ladder would prove to be daunting, pitting Chris against his Drift Alliance brothers all the way until his final battle for third. In Top 16, Ryan Tuerck made a critical error on first run but Chris did not take the easy win, he stayed door to door with Ryan on his chase run, giving fans the exciting show they were there to see. Next, Chris battled FD points leader Justin Pawlak, the pair laid down a set of amazing runs, causing the judges to call for a ‘one more time’! During the ‘one more time’, Pawlak made contact with Chris on the first run and on the second run, Pawlak spun. Both instances, Forsberg was able to avoid making corrections and was unanimously declared the victor.

In the semi-finals Chris faced 2010 Champion Vaughn Gittin Jr. The battle was intense but a small mistake by Chris cost him the win, leaving him only one last chance to get on the podium. The last battle of the day was a rematch with Japanese drifting legend Daigo Saito. Forsberg lead first with a text book run, Saito made contact and lost drift for a moment giving Chris a small advantage. On his chase run, Chris stayed tight with Saito and even grazed his bumper through the transition into the infield. In the final corner, Daigo’s car seemed to suddenly slow while Chris maintained speed causing Forsberg’s front wheel to make contact with Daigo and spin. The judges awarded the win to Forsberg, recognizing the loss of speed by Saito and deeming him at fault for the spin. After the event, Daigo confirmed with Chris that he did in fact slow due to a miss-shift.

Now with two consecutive podiums under their belts, Chris Forsberg and his team have proven themselves as a “force” to be reckoned with. The team has moved up to 5th place in the Formula Drift points standings and are in the hunt for the Championship.

Round Result:
3rd Place
Formula Drift Championship:
5th Place

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